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Activities you could do with your child:

Draw out your family tree - ask questions of different family members to see how far you can trace your family back
Make a poster about your grandparents. Call them on the telephone and ask them questions about their life and use this information to record in the best way you can think of.
The Historic England website contains an education section that includes: teaching activities, collections of educational images, downloadable resources, PowerPoints, worksheets and notes.



Watch Sir David Attenborough's Bitesize lessons

BBC are making Sir David Attenborough lessons available on BBC Bitesize Daily, and on the Red Button and BBC iPlayer on the dates below:


Bitesize Daily Primary 16 June

5-7 Year Olds: The World. Continents.


7-9 Year Olds: The World. Latitude and Climate.


9-11 Year Olds: The World. Maps.


Bitesize Daily Primary 18 June

5-7 Year Olds: Oceans. Migration.

7-9 Year Olds: Oceans. Weather Patterns.

9-11 Year Olds: Oceans. Currents, weather and fish.

30 June:

On 30 June, Sir David will also be giving another lesson. This time he'll be teaching primary school students all about dinosaurs and fossils as part BBC Bitesize Science Week.


To find the videos visit


Useful Websites:


Rainbows in Windows: you might want to join in this activity to brighten people’s days as they walk past your windows. It’s also a good art project!

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