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Useful Websites for English:

Education City: An individual log in for your child has been provided and advice given as to what stage your child is working at. There are lots of English activities available covering many skills across the genres of phonics, reading and writing. 


Phonics Play and Phonics Bloom are good for phonics games.  A free log on is needed. 



There are 2 free recommended websites where your child can read online books. You will need to log in with them. The first one is Teach your monster to and the other is Oxford  Both have a wide selection of texts and activities to develop reading skills. 

Alternatively, set up a Twinkl account (use the offer code uktwinklhelps to sign up for free) then there are a wide range of interactive books there. 

Where possible, read as much as you can! Books, comics, news-papers. 

Your pack should also include lists of common exception words your child should practice to read and spell. 


Writing ideas:

Keep a learning journal or diary describing what you are doing at home (include any life skills or home activities such as cooking, gardening or even playing games) 

Read and write simple recipes or shopping lists. 

Write simple book reports or review a programme you have watched. 

If gardening:  Write and draw a simple growth diary (with photos) 

If you are finding it difficult to visit older members of your family, perhaps write an email, make a card or write and post an old fashioned letter. 


Fun English activities and ideas

Below are some ideas for activities you can do with your child:

  • Share a story/write a book review/write a character description e.g. for a Top Trumps Card
  • Read some opening chapters from the Love Reading 4 Kids website
  • Write a story, poem, play
  • Make puppets and put on a play
  • Play a board game, dig out old favourites and hold championship tournaments! You could even design a new one for a target audience!
  • Paint a picture and label it/write about it / create a poem
  • Blackout poems –
  • Look, say, cover, write, check spellings
  • Create a poster about washing hands/hygiene about Coronavirus
  • Make an Easter Egg Hunt with clues in your garden
  • Make Mother’s Day cards, poems
  • Research 'project'/poster on a topic that's been covered in school recently, e.g. the Egyptians, a famous author, an inspirational person etc. This could be in the form of a poster, leaflet, booklet or a PowerPoint presentation etc.
  • Have a good declutter/sort-out of your toys! Which toys or books do you no longer use? Write a review of your favourite with a target audience!
  • Bake! Bake your favourite recipe and write up the recipe so as to create a class book of favourite recipes when you return to school.
  • Junk modelling – why not upcycle some waste materials in order to make something new?
  • Provide children with paper and pens/pencils/crayons to draw pictures, engage in writing - including practising letter formation, writing simple words, captions, lists, simple sentences.
  • Provide opportunities for children to play boards games with adults or siblings, encouraging taking turns, communication, language and vocabulary skills and maths skills. For example dominoes, snakes and ladders, bingo, tiddly winks.
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