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Our mission statement


At Great Arley School, we want to make a difference to the learning, wellbeing and life prospects of all children at our school.


We will do this by empowering them with knowledge, self-belief, life skills and strategies appropriate to their learning differences as well as promoting positive mental health, so that they can go forward in the modern world respecting themselves and others, and achieve their very best.


We want our pupils to “Dare to Dream, Aim to Achieve”



Our vision

  • To become a great provider and recognised leader of SEND in Lancashire
  • To provide the right curriculum that is personalised for every child to ensure they reach their full potential
  • To provide a safe & thriving environment for both staff and pupils where wellbeing is paramount



We believe that the children and young people of Great Arley School have the right to:

Be a valued member of a school community which respects our individual differences. 

Feel safe and secure at all times.

Equal opportunity to access a full range of learning experiences, designed to enable them to enjoy, achieve, grow in self-confidence and independence. 

An education which provides them with a curriculum that meets their individual needs giving them opportunity to achieve to their potential.  


Work with adults who understand their needs, who are able to adapt their teaching and support styles to meet those needs and also have high expectations of achievement and behaviour.

A stimulating learning environment which is safe, well maintained, adapted to meet individual needs and respected by all members of the school community. 

A team of staff and governors, committed to supporting them and their families, in order that they can make as much progress as possible and are prepared to move into adulthood with confidence. 



The staff and governors of Great Arley School aim to:

Welcome all children and young people into our school, assisting the transition by working with parents and schools in the community to ensure that information is shared, the move is as easy as possible and that pupils settle quickly into their new environment. 

Foster a family atmosphere within the school, where everyone is valued, our differences are respected and tolerance and understanding is encouraged at all times. 


Develop pupil’s understanding of cultural and religious differences, as well as supporting their understanding of British Values. 


Ensure that children feel safe, that they are secure and confident in the adults around them by developing strong supportive relationships. 

Provide a curriculum which reflects learning needs and potential achievement of pupils as well as their wider social, economic and health needs. 


Provide challenging learning experiences, supported by stimulating classrooms and resources.    

Continually develop their own knowledge, understanding and expertise in order for them to teach and support the full range of special educational needs of pupils attending the school.


Provide a clean, safe and well cared for school environment, of which pupils and parents can be proud.   


To work with parents, families and other professionals, for the benefit of all children and young people.

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