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Primary aged pupils are taught in one of three classes depending upon learning needs and age.  The approaches to teaching differ in each class to enable pupils to progress from early learning through the national curriculum, aiming to develop independent learning skills. Geography, History, DT and Art are taught through the Creative Curriculum and learning is based around a topic across all classes. All primary pupils are taught the same topic each half term.  

The full content of the curriculum for each class, for every subject, for the full academic year can be found by clicking the links to the documents above.



In Primary Red, children are not yet ready to access the National Curriculum. The classroom is set up to incorporate many different learning areas which are enhanced with well-planned resources.  This fun and stimulating learning environment promotes independence and progression through child initiated and adult-led activities.


Our continuous provision learning areas include:

Role-play area

Sand area

Water area

Painting area

Creative and workshop area

Reading area

Mark-making area

Maths area

Construction and Small World area



In Primary Yellow some children are working below the national Curriculum whilst other children are already working within the National Curriculum.

Lessons are taught in a fun engaging way, meeting the needs of the individuals in the class.  There is a more structured teaching approach and the children are grouped for lessons according to their ability.  Children are still able to access learning areas within the classroom such as the book corner, construction, small world area and a creative area. Through play activities pupils develop their communication, interaction skills and creative thinking but also develop their social skills such as learning to share and taking turns.



In Primary Blue, children are working within the National Curriculum and therefore require a more structured teaching approach.  A variety of teaching strategies are used and the children are grouped for lessons according to their ability.  The classroom has a book corner, a writing area and a maths area to promote independent learning.  Learning is more in-depth to ensure knowledge and understanding is secure and can be applied in different contexts.  



All Primary Classes have access to the outdoor learning area throughout the school day.  Teachers use this area to promote children’s effective communication, independent and collaborative learning, develop their social skills and problem solving skills and speech and language skills. Teachers can also deliver learning objectives in a fun and engaging way, using the equipment available in the learning area.



All pupils are taught phonics daily using the Red Rose Scheme. We use a range of reading schemes which directly link to each phonics phase. We ask parents to support phonics and reading at home by reading at home by reading with their child at least 3 times per week. 



All primary aged pupils have a weekly Swimming lesson at Big Fish Little Fish Swim School in Thornton-Cleveleys.  This activity is very important in contributing to the development of their gross motor skills and coordination, as well as their personal development ad self-care. 




If you would like to find out more about the curriculum pupils follow in the primary phase, please contact Mrs Barnsley our Primary Lead.

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