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Reading is at the heart of all we do at Great Arley School


Reading is one of the best tools we can give children to teach them to become independent, imaginative and life-long learners. It enables them to be successful in all areas of the curriculum. We teach reading explicitly and through our wider curriculum. 

The goal of teaching reading is to enable children to comprehend written texts. To do this, children need to build both word reading and language comprehension skills. To become fluent readers, children need to develop accuracy, automaticity (reading words on sight automatically) and prosody (using appropriate stress, intonation and expression). To build strong language comprehension skills, children need to develop an understanding of morphology and etymology, and build a wide-ranging vocabulary. They will also need to learn to make inferences and monitor their own comprehension as they read. Additionally, children need to learn about different text structures and genres.

Read our Reading Strategy below

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